July 16

When it comes to understanding how precious, andhow different, life can be, the experience is often best perceived through stories. Whether it’s hearing true tales of incredible hardship, watching people strive in pursuit of their dreams, or becoming invested in heroic accomplishments; we are are often moved by the most genuine of documented events. With 9 Epic DocuMovies, you can form a connection with a diverse array of stories, and gain a new perspective on why the world is a wonderfully varied and inspiring place.

From the very depths of the ocean, where mantas and molas seek to understand the darkness, to the extreme heights of mountains that defy even the bravest of adventurers, we are given an open window to the endless beauty of the planet and all its inhabitants. One such movie, ‘Mission Blue’, profiles the efforts of an oceanographer to protect the waters of our world; while ‘Watchers of the Sky’ tells the captivating story of a brave lawyer’s fight against genocide.

Elsewhere, we may find ourselves in the dangerously powerful floodplains of Bangladesh, watching‘The Olively Tree’, or shadowing the actions of activists in the Congo Basin as described in ‘The Whisperers’. We could be taken to the magical villages of Argentina as depicted in ‘Perspectives’, or sent on a mission to the Galapagos Islands with ‘The Island of Blue’.

No matter the story, the effect is often the same; a heightened appreciation for the precious moments and vibrant cultures that fill our planet. With 9 Epic DocuMovies, you are invited to go beyond the printed page and experience life in a new way. Who knows what this journey will bring?

Mantas and Molas

From an isolated seascape deep in the ocean, mantas and molas strive to understand their powerful environment. With the help of this 9 Epic DocuMovies, you can venture into the depths of the ocean, and experience a different type of world, teeming with life and possibility. What’s more, these remarkable creatures, despite living in perhaps the most uninhabitable of places, have found ways to thrive in such tough conditions. The secrets of these majestic beings are uncovered, if only for a brief moment, as the camera blinks.

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The experience of watching 9 Epic DocuMovies is a chance to get to know these wonders of the deep in a way that few ever will, and gain an appreciation for the majesty of the open sea. The incredible resilience of these creatures is a compliment to the whole of nature, and a reminder of what the planet can do when we do not interfere.

The themes of respect and perseverance run through this story, emphasising the need to appreciate the wonders of the ocean, and the many mysteries that lurk beneath the surface. As illustrated through this narrative, it is possible to discover more about our planet, even in the least explored places; the passion demonstrated by these graceful sea creatures is sure to astound us, while reminding us of the importance of conservation.

Mountains that Defy

The view from the summit of Mount Everest is purported to be one of the most extraordinary moments in the world. But for those who choose to explore the peaks and rocky terrains of the equally awe-inspiring mountain ranges, something special awaits. Through 9 Epic DocuMovies, you can join a team of mountaineers as they traverse some of the toughest terrain on the planet; from the steepest inclines in ten thousand year old glaciers to the most rugged yet majestic peaks.

These adventurers, even under the most dangerous of conditions, hold a deep respect for their environment and for their uniqueness as human beings. In their remarkable journey’s, we become privy to the individual struggles, courage, and indomitable determination to conquer these formidable natural obstacles.

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The greatest element of such a documentary is not just the sheer daring of these men and women, it is the journey to find oneself. It speaks to the idea that we can still be grateful and content in dangerous or uncomfortable circumstances. With 9 Epic DocuMovies, you can be inspired by the life-or-death tenacity of these brave individuals, and come to admire the vistas of seemingly insurmountable summits.

The Olively Tree

We enter a world of unparalleled beauty, yet one caught in an untruthful struggle between man and nature. The countryside of Bangladesh is a picturesque paradise filled with floodplains and rivers, yet it is also a land in crisis due to the unrelenting force of flash floods. In ‘The Olively Tree’, we meet with individuals who have to fight back against the devastating elements to persevere and stay safe.

Through this incredible portrait of a resilient community, this 9 Epic DocuMovies allows the viewer to explore and gain insight into the human spirit. This perspective reveals that in the face of a natural calamity, heroic deeds can be done if we choose to persevere and use courage in the face of terror. This is no task to be taken lightly, and yet this documentary will bring to light the inspiring ability of people to come together and rebuild in the face of such hardship.

The Olively Tree demonstrates the values of re-growth and self-improvement, and that a life of stability and progress is ultimately worth the risk and cost of adorning a better future. In a captivating portrayal of dedication and love, we are offered a call to arms to seek out liberation and emotional satisfaction. The Olively Tree is an essential viewing – a reminder that there is hope beyond impending peril, and that we can pull the strings of our own destiny.

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The Whisperers

We travel to the heart of the Congo Basin, a region steeped in political unrest, yet one that carries with it a unique and heartfelt story. Through the eyes of a French journalist, ‘The Whisperers’ offers us a unique glimpse into the trials and tribulations of activists from both sides of the civil wars, and the importance of fighting for a better future.

The portrait of the region painted by this 9 Epic DocuMovies is of a place filled with struggle and heartache, but also of courage and fortitude. We discover that such strife can ironically bring about moments of profound unity; we are presented with images of people rising together to form a better tomorrow. Through the unfiltered documentation of bravery, and the unflinching determination of these enlightened individuals, we are encouraged to recognise what strength we have as humans and as a society, to never give up.

The emotional story of the Congo Basin is essential viewing. It is a brave exploration of faith and the power of peace, and a reminder of the strength of individuals when the odds are stacked against them. The Whisperers is an exceptional portrayal of the inner-workings of a war-torn region, exhibiting a hope that comes with political reconciliation.