June 12

Ready yourself for a profound shift in the movie industry, as animated films are taking front and center in the global marketplace. Stunning visual effects, memorable characters, and epic storytelling are combining to become one of the best and most popular types of movies. With advancements in technology, the production rates and subsequent quality of animated films are leaving their mark on all aspects of blockbuster entertainment.

Starting with Pixar and the undisputed masterpiece Toy Story to Disney’s upcoming Raya and the Last Dragon and Soul , the trend of animated features is on the rise. Strictly speaking, the animation industry had already been around for a long time, but computer-generated imagery (CGI) animation pushed the boundaries of what was possible.

Today, animated movies hold a unique place in the hearts of audiences, from children to the young at heart. With eye-catching visuals, animated movies become a part of our homes, our holidays, and our daily lives. Be it a memorable character, an interesting plot or an iconic soundtrack, there are countless things we take away from the stories found in animated movies and the collective appeal is undeniable.

More Layers of Depth to Animated Movies

It was not just the third dimension that changed things- storytelling also plays a big role in the success of modern animated movies. It’s no longer just childish entertainment – today, animated movies feature complex storylines in which the characters grow and evolve in ways that are relatable to adults and children alike.

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Animated movies look to push boundaries emotionally and lyrically, creating worlds and landscapes that feel both familiar and totally new. Arguably, it is Disney who has mastered the genre with its pantheon of live-action and CGI animation; from The Little Mermaid to Frozen and beyond, each story has moments of humor as well as dramatic tension.

The old days of animated movies being looked down upon as children’s entertainment have long past. Animated movies have created a language of their own, appealing to a broad and international audience – and the rest of the movie industry is taking notice.

The Growing Reach of Animation Films

The reach of animated movies was never limited to children’s entertainment – and it is now reaching parts of the mainstream that other genres have failed to do so. It has even earned its own specialized Oscar award category- Best Animated Feature– and earned two positions in the annual American Film Institute’s 10 top films.

Animation fans are becoming more demanding when it comes to what they watch, with high expectations on the intricacies of story and character that they wouldn’t necessarily expect from real-life movies. Directors and publishers see that too, and in turn, are delivering a wide range of movie types, from The Iron Giant for serious animated fans to Moana for a lighter family-friendly tone.

Not only is animation being taken seriously as an award-winning cinematic medium – but it is also making its mark on television, streaming and virtual reality. By taking advantage of technology, directors have created a new world of interactive animated entertainment that is quickly becoming the norm in our everyday lives.

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The Future of Animation Films

Animators and producers continue to innovate and push this medium, helping it reach new heights. This has seen a huge surge in successful indie animated films, allowing more stories to be told to wider audiences, beyond that of just the mainstream movie industry.

It isn’t just movies either, as video games are becoming evermore cinematic. With the promise of VR and AR, the interactive nature of animated entertainment is set to change the entire industry.

What is becoming apparent is that the allure of animation isn’t just exclusive to movie lovers. So get ready for an animation movie revolution that will shake up not just cinemas but also our home entertainment.