April 21

2020 has certainly been full of horrific surprises. Covid was only the beginning. Some of the most chilling pieces of art to hit our screens came in the form of horror films. We’ve all heard of Blair Witch Project and The Exorcist, but what were the scariest films of 2020? From paranormal spooks to comedy-horror crossovers, here are the movies that had audiences biting their nails.

Saint Maud

Saint Maud is a psychological thriller about a hospice nurse’s religious obsession with saving a patient’s soul. From the get-go, the movie starts off with a punched, with a jarring atmosphere that slowly builds as the movie progresses. It’s an unnerving ride of twists, turns and an ending that will have you jumping out of your seat.

The horror genre often tackles complex issues, and Saint Maud is no exception. This movie will leave you questioning all kinds of morality, shaking your trust and leaving you with the sense that something is coming up behind you.

The Invisible Man

The Invisible Man combines the classic story of H.G. Wells with a 2020 twist. The movie follows Cecilia as she is stalked by her tech genius husband who has found a way to become invisible.

What follows is a roller coaster of horror as Cecilia finds out more about her husband’s evil plan. The movie uses sound to create the sensation of being hunted, alongside haunting visual effects, creating an atmosphere that is both unsettling and thrilling.

The Invisible Man is a great example of a horror movie that keeps your heart racing throughout its runtime.

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The Lodge

This movie blends psychological horror and intense family drama to create an eerie atmosphere. The Lodge follows a troubled family who take a holiday to the titular lodge. What follows is a relentless psychological assault as dark secrets come to light.

Unfortunately, the storm that has befallen the lodge is not natural. As the tension builds, a sense of dread hangs in the air throughout the movie, gradually increasing until its final reveal.

The Lodge works as a great exploration of family dynamics, as well as surreal horror.


For hardcore horror fans, Crawl is an absolute must-see. The movie follows Haley as she tries to escape a flood as deadly alligators pursue her.

The movie follows an action-like format, combing intense thrills with genuine horror. It’s not just a horror film, it’s a survival story, and it’s filled with sequences that will have you gripping your seat in anticipation.

Crawl feels like a horror classic. It’s packed with natural horror, dread, and terrifying predators.