June 22

Horror movies have been a hit for audiences for decades, letting viewers get their thrills and chills. This year has seen some of the biggest horror flicks yet, with their high production values and special effects scaring up the highest grossing box office numbers. With the highest grossing horror films dominating the market, here’s a look at the spookiest films of the year.

One of the most popular dramas this year was the psychological thriller ‘Hereditary’. Starring Toni Collette as a mother struggling with a tragic family legacy, this critical favorite held audiences in suspense with its gripping story and ominous atmosphere. It held its own in the box office race, ultimately grossing over $79 million in domestic sales and $85 million worldwide.

The computer-generated images used in the monster flick ‘The Meg’ captured the wild imaginations of viewers, as well. Starring Jason Statham, this film evolves around the world’s biggest shark – a 75-foot Megalodon – and its harmful attacks. Making over $525 million worldwide, ‘The Meg’ was the biggest horror hit of the year.

Frightening Fun

The horror comedy ‘The House With a Clock In Its Walls’ delighted fans of all ages. Based on the novel of the same name, this film starred Jack Black, Cate Blanchett, and other stars. While the plot revolves around a family who discovers an enchanted house, the special effects and star-studded cast drove up the box office yakings at $130 million worldwide.

The low-budget slasher flick ‘Halloween’ also brought fans to their seats this year. Proving that it pays to go back to your roots, this film, a sequel to the original horror classic from 1978, stunned box officegoers and grossed $159 million in domestic sales and an impressive $252 million internationally.

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Horror From Aboard

The French thriller film ‘Reincarnation‘ proved that horror knows no language barriers. Japanese auteur Takashi Shimizu wrote and directed the movie, which only helped to draw more international audiences to the cinema. It ultimately grossed almost $18 million, with a good portion of that coming from foreign countries.

Another horror film drawing crowds overseas is ‘Veronica’ from Madrid-based director Paco Plaza. This film follows a 15-year-old girl trying to communicate with the dead. With a creepy story and unique take on the genre, ‘Veronica’ earned $3 million abroad since its release.

Irish director Corin Hardy found success with ‘The Nun’. This movie tells the story of a priest and a novice who, tasked with investigating a deadly suicide in an abbey, confront a malevolent spirit. It soared in the box office with a worldwide gross of $365 million.

Remakes Are Risky Business

Remake ‘Suspiria’ courted fans of the original with its bold visuals and modern touches. While other remakes have often disappointed horror buffs, this one was a critical hit and managed to win over viewers. Although it only made $7 million domestically, it saw a slight improvement overseas with a total of $9 million.

The musical horror comedy movie ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Let’s Do the Time Warp Again’ was released on television. This was a television movie remake of the 1975 film ‘ The Rocky Horror Picture Show’ and featured an entirely new cast. Despite the fan outcry, the film grossed an impressive 30 million worldwide.

Director Luca Guadagnino also released a remake of the classic horror movie ‘Suspiria’. Staying true to the original, this remake follows the story of a young dancer amidst odd happenings at the ballet school she has just joined. Despite the fan outcry, it had earned over $12 million in worldwide gross.

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Horror Documentary

The documentary style movie ‘Hereditary’Eclipse’ earned the title of a horror documentary. Following the story of a truly mysterious family, this film was shot in black and white with a documentary style which made it a popular hit. It made over $3 million at the box office.

The horror documentary ‘The House With a Clock In Its Walls’ follows a group of young people trying to uncover a mysterious family secret. Making $32 million at the box office, it is on track to become one of the biggest horror flicks of the year.

The Spanish horror movie ‘Veronica’ tells the tale of a young girl trying to contact the other side through a seance. Produced in a documentary style and made on a shoestring budget, this movie earned over $3 million at the box office.