May 18

Science fiction films have been thrilling and captivating audiences for generations. Many iconic scenes have become beloved by fans and have been enjoyed for their complexity and creativity. These are the most memorable sci-fi movie scenes from some of the best films.

Star Wars – The Death Star Trench Run

The original Star Wars trilogy had many iconic scenes, but none more memorable than the Death Star Trench Run. The Death Star presented an impossible challenge for the Rebellion, as it was much too powerful for them to attack. This iconic scene combines very tension-filled, nail-biting dogfights between the Rebels and Imperial TIE fighters, as Luke Skywalker takes the shot that eventually brings down the Death Star.

Back to the Future – The Clock Tower

The Back to the Future trilogy is all about the adventure of time travel and its effects on one’s own destiny. One of its greatest scenes is set at the Clock Tower in Hill Valley, as Doc Brown and Marty McFly work to send young Doc back to 1885. The scene culminates in the iconic shot of the DeLorean ascending into the future, a beloved and nostalgic image that defined the entire trilogy.

The Matrix – The Lobby Scene

The Matrix is a classic sci-fi movie that broke many boundaries for action films in its day. One of its most iconic scenes is set in the lobby area, as Trinity and Neo face off against an onslaught of police. The scene illustrates Neo’s newfound ability to control the Matrix, as he single-handedly dispatches the artificial enemies in spectacular fashion.

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Blade Runner – The Voight-Kampff Test

Blade Runner features a dramatic scene in which Deckard is administering the Voight-Kampff Test to the replicant, Leon. The examination is designed to reveal whether someone is human or a replicant, and the answer to Leon’s test has long been debated by fans. The scene was a powerful one, as it observed the consequences between humans and machines.

Aliens – The Battle in the Power Loader

The sequel to Alien was a thrill ride from beginning to end, culminating in an epic battle between the Xenomorph Queen and Ripley in the cargo bay. The scene is a memorable one, as Ripley goes toe-to-toe with the alien creature while in her power loader suit. The moment showcased her newfound strength and determination as a hero.

Terminator 2 – The Liquid Metal Villain

Terminator 2 takes the classic story of good versus evil and turns it into a memorable sci-fi action movie. At its climax, the entire movie is boiled down to a battle between mankind and a robotic assassin in the form of the liquid metal T-1000. Its morphing abilities gave it an eerie sense of unpredictability, making it one of the most iconic sci-fi villains ever.

Star Trek – The Wrath of Khan

Star Trek was reinvented for a modern audience with its reboot series, but its roots are firmly planted in the classic movie installments. The Wrath of Khan is famously remembered for the signature ‘Khaaaaaan!’ line at the end of the movie, but it is the climactic scene of a manned space mission that makes the movie an unforgettable classic.

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Close Encounters of the Third Kind – The Mothership

The 1977 classic Close Encounters of the Third Kind is a classic of its genre and features one of the most memorable and awe-inspiring scenes in sci-fi movie history. After countless close-encounters and growing communication between man and alien, the iconic flying saucer mothership finally makes its appearance, showing that friendship between species is possible.

These are some of the most iconic sci-fi movie scenes. Whether they are remembered for their tension, special effects, or simple awesomeness, these scenes have stayed with us for generations.