May 18

The list of Academy Award-winning films is a hall of fame of the greatest films ever produced. From “Citizen Kane” to “The Godfather” and “Avatar”, all of these iconic films have one thing in common – they’ve all been beyond impressive enough to earn an Oscar. But which one will be your favorite from this amazing aggregation?

This year’s Academy Award-winning films are nothing short of spectacular. Not only are the stories and performances amongst the best of all time, some themes and issues explored in them are such important topics, from racism and immigration to the military and psychology, that it’s impossible not to be mesmerized by them. The genres are varied, giving you a plethora of options.

There’s an animed tearjerker that looks at innocence, loyalty and friendship, a thriller that revolves around a mysterious death and family secrets and an epic romance that across cultural divides spanning decades. Every movie tells a different story and is filmed in a unique style, but each one is extraordinary.

Romance →

The romance genre had a good run this season as two films “A Star Is Born” and “The Favourite” were nominated for their touching love stories. “A Star Is Born” is a classic love story between two singers, played by Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga. It’s about their dream of becoming a star and how it eventually leads to their separation. “The Favourite” follows a love triangle between Queen Anne, Lady Sarah and Abigail, three powerful women caught in an extraordinary love story of gaining and losing power.

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At the end of the day, the one they chose as the favourite is a surprise. It could be the tale of two singers dreaming to make it big, or it could be the central battle between two women vying for a place by the side of a queen. It could be the ‘favorite’ for many.

Drama →

Movies like “Bohemian Rhapsody” which showed the struggles of a rock band and “Black Panther” which handled the issue of racism in a groundbreaking way, were two of the most popular picks in the drama genre. These two movies won multiple awards and nominations, giving us one of the best drama packages of all time. Some other contenders in this genre include “The Wife”, “Green Book”, and “Vice”.

These award-winning films have all been made with a powerful message that is hard to ignore, giving us a unique perspective on the struggles of everyday life. Each one takes us on a journey, full of emotion and heartbreak, making it hard to not be affected by them. From a rags to riches story to tackling racism, these dramas have something for everyone.

Comedy →

The comedy genre isn’t left behind when it comes to these award-winning films. Movies like “Green Book”, “Vice” and “The Favourite” all employ a mix of humour and seriousness in their stories. Each movie strikes a different balance between the two, but each one manages to be entertaining and captivating.

Another funny flick, “Crazy Rich Asians”, took the world by storm with its hilarious and lighthearted take on Asian culture. It has everything you can ask for in a comedy, including over-the-top characters and a lot of laughs. It is definitely a must-watch movie and a real contender when it comes to the award-winning movie list.

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Thriller →

The thriller genre also garnered a lot of attention this season with nail-biting movies like “A Quiet Place” and “Hereditary”. These breathtaking movies are perfect for fans of suspense and horror, as they keep you on the edge of your seat throughout. From creepy sounds to a family with a twisted past, these movies will leave you feeling both shocked and entertained.

Other thrilling contenders in the mix include “First Man”, “Roma” and “First Reformed”. No matter which one you pick, you’re sure to be in for a great ride.

Sci-Fi & Action →

Last but not least, we have the sci-fi and action genres. Movies like “Black Panther” and “Avengers: Infinity War” gave us some of the most incredible spectacles of all time. With big budgets and even bigger thrills, these blockbusters managed to make a serious impression on audiences and critics alike.

There are also gritty, dramatic movies like “The Revenant” and the ever-popular “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri” that deserve special attention. Both movies were incredibly intense and had some of the best performances of the season.

When it comes to picking a favorite out of this amazing collection of Academy Award-winning flicks, it’s truly a matter of personal preference! Be sure to check out all of these special movies.