May 18

Halloween is celebrated all over the world and people are always looking for new ways to make the holiday spookier. With horror movies taking centerstage, we can now watch scary films that will make us jump in our own homes. Here are 7 ways to celebrate Halloween with new and terrifying horror movies!

Watching horror movies with friends is a classic way to celebrate Halloween. Find a movie that everyone can agree on and enjoy the spooky environment with no shortage of screaming and popcorn.

Haunted movie marathons are the perfect way to create a terrifying experience. Start early in the evening and keep watching horror films one after the other until you can’t take it anymore. Just make sure you have somebody there to keep you company.

A horror movie party is an excellent choice for people who want to have a social gathering. Invite a few of your scariest friends — the ones who can take the spookiest movies without breaking a sweat. Besides watching horror movies, you can also have a costume contest and play scary games.

Organizing a scary movie night inside or outside your house is another great way to celebrate. Show your guests a random selection of horror movies, making sure to keep them guessing. Reenacting some of the scenes after the movie ends can make it even more fun.

Watch Horror Movies Outdoors

Organizing a movie screening at a local park on Halloween night can be a truly memorable experience. Invite your guests to bring blankets and snacks, prepare the projector and hang a white sheet (optionally). The only thing left to do is turn out the lights and start enjoying the feature presentation.

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You can also use this idea to create a scary drive-in theater. Prepare a few cars and have your guests enjoy the show from their vehicles. If you have a big enough back yard, you can also prepare a makeshift drive-in for the night.

Finally, why not try making a haunted film festival? Invite some local horror movie fans to watch directly from their own laptops or have a projection outside. A scary film festival is a great way to discover new and upcoming talent in the world of horror.

Heroes-Villains Halloween Themed Movie Night

Another great way to celebrate Halloween is by watching heroic superhero movies or villainous horror films. Divide your guests into two groups and let them choose which type of movie they want to watch. Award prizes to the group that can create the most impressive costumes and scare each other with horror stories.

You can also focus on Halloween-themed movies, either classic or new. With their spooky environment and scary elements, these movies are perfect to enjoy on a haunted night. If you’re looking for a truly spooky experience, try watching an interactive movie with your friends.

You can also use classic horror films as inspiration for a themed party. Designate an area to be the movie hall, host a costume contest and decorate the other areas of your house to match the film. Ask each guest to choose their favorite horror movie as inspiration and watch it together when everyone is ready.

Classic Horror Movie Watch with Google Hangouts

Technology has improved our spooky nights in many ways, and now you can watch classic classics with friends on Google Hangouts. Create a unique experience using several movie streaming services and watch together from the comfort of your own home.

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Having a Halloween party over the internet can be both spooky and fun. You can also use this idea for a themed movie night where everyone participates from home. Connecting with friends from all over the world has never been easier.

Related parties can also use horror movies for a friendly competition. Divide your guests into two teams and assign them different horror movies. Make sure to choose difficult titles with plenty of elements to think about. When the movies are over, anyone can talk about their favorite parts of the movie and everybody gets to vote on the winning team.

Cross Platform Cloud Movie Watching

Finally, with modern technology, now you can watch horror movies across multiple platforms and screens. With a single click, you can join a scary movie session with your friends and watch simultaneously. No more wondering who is watching which movie.

You can also receive live updates from your friends, watch their reactions and join the discussion when you are ready. With the ability to play, pause, and instantly skip scenes, it’s the perfect way to view the scariest movies.

Cloud-based streaming movies are becoming increasingly popular and have revolutionized the way we view horror movies. With the addition of online voting and rewards, now we can watch scary movies together even when we’re not physically in the same space.