June 11

It’s time to explore real-life stories with these six must-watch documentaries. From extraordinary people and their stories to powerful and eye-opening stories, these films can bring you an understanding of the world that you could never witness first-hand. Some of them explore the darkness of human nature, while others bring to light forgotten stories and bring hope. Here are six of the best documentary films you should watch.

“The Act of Killing” takes viewers into the souls of former Indonesian death squad leaders, who re-enact their own real-life mass murders in the style of their favorite films. Joshua Oppenheimer recreates this nightmare in a way that only film could. Watching it, you can really feel the weight and power of the events and what it must have been like for the participants.

“The Look of Silence”, a companion documentary to “The Act of Killing”, is another breathtaking film that provides a portrait of a victim of the same genocide that made “The Act of Killing”. This film follows Adi, the younger brother of a victim of the massacre, as he confronts the men responsible for his brother’s death.

“The Thin Blue Line” follows the wrongful conviction of Randall Adams, who was convicted of killing a police officer in Texas. The controversial documentary shines a light on the flaws in the criminal justice system, as well as on the reality of wrongful convictions, and it’s a gripping portrait of an unjust case that remains unresolved.

“Citizenfour” follows the story of Edward Snowden, who leaked classified information from the USA’s National Security Agency. The film captures the moments of the initial contact between Edward Snowden and the filmmaker, as they discuss Snowden’s decision to expose the NSA’s mass surveillance activities.

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“Virunga” tells the powerful story of the residents of the Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo. In this documentary, viewers will follow the incredible bravery of Virunga’s rangers and the battle to protect the endangered mountain gorillas. It’s an inspiring film about the power of the human spirit and the lengths people will go to protect what matters to them.

The filmmakers provide unique perspectives on the issues posed by the threats to Virunga, from armed insurrectionists to oil exploitation, and form an important connection with the people fighting to protect this beautiful area.

Virunga is a captivating and inspiring story of a battle against immense odds, and it’s certainly worth a watch.

“The Invisible War”

“The Invisible War” looks into the issue of rape and sexual assault in the US military. The disturbing stories told by survivors of sexual assault are both heartbreaking and inspiring. It’s a powerful film that doesn’t shy away from the harsh realities of rape and shines a light on the broken system that allows perpetrators to escape accountability.

“The Invisible War” isn’t just about sexual violence and its consequences; it’s about the courage to speak out in the face of adversity, and about the uphill battle survivors face to get justice.

This is an important film that shines a light on an often-ignored topic, and it’s a must-watch for anyone who wants to learn more about the issue of sexual assault in the military.

“Fathers and Daughters”

This documentary follows the story of a daughter of a Holocaust survivor, born in captivity in Nazi Germany. The daughter, Anja, reflects on the persistent trauma in her life, and the film reveals her remarkable story. It’s a powerful tale of the human will and the efforts of individuals to overcome trauma and become who they are meant to be.

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“Fathers and Daughters” is a touching and moving film that doesn’t pull any punches. It tackles serious issues with poise and honesty, and it is an important exploration of the relationship between trauma and identity.

“Thirst for Justice”

“Thirst for Justice” follows the story of environmental activists in the Philippines risking their lives to protect the land from corporate interests that are exploiting it for profit. It is an inspiring documentary about daring individuals standing up for what they believe in and the power of the human spirit.

The filmmakers provide incredible insight into the personal cost of standing up against injustice, and the powerful story of the activists’ struggles make this an important film worth watching.

“Thirst for Justice” is an inspiring exploration of the power of individuals and their will to fight for what they believe in.