July 16

Documentaries offer a powerful and unique narrative that enriches your life. With a wealth of available options, it can be hard to decide which documentary films to choose. To help you make the right decision, here are some of the top-rated documentary movies on the market.

From biographical documentaries to stories of the environment, there is something to interest every movie fan. From favorites like Morgan Freeman’s inspiring Morgan Spurlock: Inside Man, to a deep look at the power of money in An Inconvenient Truth, viewers are sure to find something to engage with.

For those looking for something different, crime documentaries and investigative pieces may further interest. Introducing film fans to the real-life experience of crime in the documentary The Thin Blue Line, or the compelling narrative of the O.J. Simpson Trial, viewers are left with the feeling of being in the midst of the action.

Those that appreciate a lighter tone can easily find something to watch. An ever-present favorite is the Super Size Me project, which traces the life of a man eating an all-fast food diet every day.

In addition to the above, there are a plethora of documentaries that cover human struggles and triumphs, the global economy, foreign cultures and the human condition. Man on Wire, March of the Penguins and Capturing the Friedmans all provide a captivating and powerful experience that is sure to stay with movie fans long after the credits have rolled.

Biographical Documentaries

Biographical documentaries draw on the real life events of a person or event to provide a compelling and an often emotional story for viewers. Movies like Waiting for Superman have explored the issues of education and with the inspiring story of Steve Jobs, the journey of a pioneer in technology is unforgettable.

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Other stories, such as those of Whitey Bulger or the inspirational tale of The Wolfpack are equally as captivating in their own right. Those wishing to uncover the truth will not be disappointed with the selection of biographical documentaries available.

Documentary fans will find themselves in the same situation when looking at the personal triumphs and tragedies found in many biographical documentaries. From director Maurice Sendak’s life journey in Tell Them Anything You Want, to the real world scenarios of border-crossing in Which Way Home, the raw potential of biographical documentaries will always remain.

Message of Environment

Discussions and messages on the environment are bountiful in many documentaries. Movies such as Gasland, a look into the destruction of natural resources by the natural gas industry, or Blood in the Water, which looks at the deep sea fishing industry, allow viewers to uncover the environmental issues we face as a society.

On a more lighthearted note, documentaries such as Right to Play and Ivory Game zoom in on the actions of organizations and the individual activists that propel our world towards a brighter future. From the world of conservation to big-picture documentaries like the vivid This Changes Everything, viewers need only look for the perfect choice for them.

Whether theatre-goers are looking for a light-hearted glance into the challenges of the environment or a more in-depth look at important movements and issues, there is something for everyone. From the activist stereotypes in Cowspiracy, to the thorough exploration of our impact on the planet in Albatross, documentary fans will be captivated.

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Investigative Pieces

From an exploration of the justice system in The Trials of Muhammad Ali, to the highly political Citizenfour uncovering the machinations of civil rights and privacy, documentary viewers will be dazzled by the range of gripping stories that investigate difficult topics.

In addition to this, documentaries such as Making a Murderer and Amanda Knox explore communities and the individuals at the center of one of the most controversial criminal trials of the century. For those looking for a deeper dive into the web of truth, these will keep viewers guessing.

Finally, Grizzly Man puts a magnifying glass to the life of an individual and the world they move within. Exploring the fascinating life of an environmentalist, this documentary is as captivating as it is eye-opening.

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